Healthcares Dirty Little Secret

As a doctor, I can take my time with you, make sure you understand your condition, consider all of the alternatives, teach you how to take care or yourself, and heal you in 7 visits OR I can spend a few minutes with you, make you feel a little better, not teach you anything, keep you in the dark about your condition, make you a lifetime patient, and bill your insurance for all its worth.

The way our insurance in America is set up, Fee for Service, works this way.  Dr. A who took great care of you will earn only about $400 for seeing you, while Dr. B who did nothing for you and made you dependent on healthcare will make almost ten times that in a year and more over your lifetime.

There is no money in a cure, the only way a doctor can survive independently these days is too heal patients just enough so that they have to come back for more services

There will be no change until either the responsibility for payment is back on patients, or we move to a performance based system.

Your Source into a Holistic Doctors Mind

Articles on this site give insight into what a doctor is thinking.  In my practice, I teach my patients how to manage their pain so they can be LESS dependent on the healthcare system.  My posts are written with the same philosophy.

Your health is yours to control, so stop letting someone else make decisions for you and do some research yourself.

Does Alternative Healthcare Work?

The truth is that no one knows for sure what XYZ Medication will do to you in the long run.  We do know that medications are showing up in our water supply in trace amounts.

Think about that . . . antidepressants, birth control, antibiotics.  Absolutely it is a minute amount, but many drugs have disasterous consequences at those concentrations, particularly for delicate ecosystems.

Good thing I’m not a train, because I got off track.  Alternative healthcare treats the body without drugs and surgery.

Let’s take chiropractic as an example:  When you have a 100% working nervous system and joints that don’t “lock up”, you ensure that your joints and body receive proper nerve and blood flow.  Proper nerve and blood flow keep your joints moving, healthy, and hopefully, pain-free.

Instead of taking drugs to reduce your pain, increase neurotransmitters, and dilate your blood vessels, a chiropractor adjusts your spine.  No environmental contamination, it costs less than the prescription drugs, and your body was able to heal itself.

As an added bonus, you get to pull as much advice as you want from a health expert.

Other alternative therapies are similar to the chiropractic example.  Some may be only placebo effect, I don’t know all the answers.  But keep in mind that some drugs are only 3% better than placebo(53% vs 50%).  These drugs are then marketed as wonder drugs!

Headache and neck pain

Which should you choose?

Chiropractor, MD, DO, acupuncturist, homeopathy?  There are many choices.

If you have a nervous system, you can likely benefit from chiropractic adjustments.   Allowing your nervous system to communicate without interference allows your body to heal itself without drugs and surgery.

Know what you are looking for . . .

Some patients just want to be better, others want to hear lots of “cracking” to feel as though they got their money’s worth.

If you know the technique you are looking for, call a few local chiropractors to ask if they do what you want.  Friends are also great sources of recommendations and can lead you to a trustworthy doctor.

Common techniques where you can hear the adjustment include diversified, side posture, and gonstead.  Thompson, flexion-distraction, sacro-occipital technique, and activator often do not have a noise.

Chiropractors often use ice, moist heat, massage, muscle stimulation, cold laser, and lifestyle advice like nutrition and ergonomics to provide a more complete service.  The extra advice you get from spending a few visits with a chiropractor can help you life a longer, healthier, happier life.

Check out the websites of a few local chiropractors.