Associate Doctor – Working, Salary, No Worries

Though your earning potential will be limited by a reduced salary and you might have a boss that is pushy about getting out there and marketing yourself, you really couldnt ask for a better position.

As an Associate doctor your only responsibilities will be taking care of patients and possibly marketing in some cases.  If a practice is big enough to need an associate doctor you will probably be focusing on whatever your specialty is.  In my case, Chiropractic.

Benefits!! Oh Yeah!

Taxes are taken out of your paycheck, you might get benefits, you might even get sick and vacation days.

Benefits are wonderous things that self employed, recently opened doctors do not have the luxury of enjoying.  Benefits vary wildly, but you may be able to have your malpractice insurance, license fees, healh insurance, retirement, etc, taken care of for you.

Keep all of that in mind and don’t just look at a salary figure.

Associate Doctor - No Worries

Photo used under Creative Commons from Neubie

Don’t Cross any Lines just to Please your Boss

Be at work when your boss tells you to but don’t forget that in medicine, it is your license on the line for procedures you perform and procedures that are billed.

There are plenty of horror stories about doctors having action taken against their licenses for things they were told to do or services that were billed for under their license but never performed.

Your boss CAN NOT make you do something illegal and unnethical.  If you know this is happening, you should turn them into your state board and get out as soon as you find out.   There are good associate positions out there and there are also plenty of bad ones that only want to use your license for profit.


An associate position can be a comfy and secure position, but when looking for one, take the interview seriously and make sure you would be comfortable working in that office.

What benefits do you get as an associate?

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