The Truth About Back Muscle Spasms

Back Muscle Spasms

Find out why your back muscle spasms.  This unpleasant experience can be triggered by a sudden movement, poor posture, dehydration, poor diet, etc.

Generally occurring when you least suspect it, the best way to get rid of back muscle spasms and keep them from coming back is to fix what caused them in the first place.

What Causes Back Muscle Spasms?

Back Muscle Spasms

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Whether you’ve been training your body into a poor posture or you have bad genetics you might be predisposed to the pain.  Most often, the cause can be narrowed down to inactivity causing tight muscles or a posture that emphasizes too much or too little curve in the back.


Being a couch potato will not only make you weak, but your muscles will contract from the non-use.  Frequently standing to one side putting all of your weight on one leg may cause an imbalance in your spine leading to back muscle spasms as well.

Many different types of activity or inactivity can cause muscles to contract and once they reach a tipping point, you will end up with painful back muscle spasms.

Posture Related Back Muscle Spasms

Most children are told to “Stand up straight”.  We spend too much of our time these days sitting at a computer desk.  It is easy to slouch and round out your back, but you may end up with back muscle spasms or with your head looking at the floor because it is so far forward.

Similar to the tipping point described above, our body has a great ability to “just deal with” whatever we put it through.  Eventually, we get to the “straw that broke the camels back” leading to back muscle spasms and pain.

When we change our posture to the point that the natural curves and weight balance of our spine changes, we begin putting pressure where it was not designed to be.

Too Much Curve

When you have too much curve in your back (called hyperlordosis), there is extra weight on the back joints of your vertebrae instead of the disc which is designed to be a shock absorber.  These joints will become inflamed and feel pain causing your back muscles to spasm and guard.  Unfortunately this causes them to jam the joints even more.

Too Little Curve

Back Muscles spasms can be caused by having too little curve in your back too.  This is called hypolordosis.  This will stretch out the muscles of your back which may trigger a stretch reflex and spasm.  When this happens in the neck, it can lead to headaches.

Treatment of Back Muscle Spasms

A chiropractor can help evaluate your muscles and spine to get down to the cause of your back muscle spasms.  Over the course of a few visits s/he will be able to give you plenty of advice on why you are having back muscle spasms and also give you preventative and home care tips.  Learn more about the types of back spasm treatment.



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