Car Accidents

New Personal Injury Patients
New Chiropractic Personal Injury Patients Personal Injury usually involves one of these three accident scenarios: Automobile Crash Accidents in a home other than the patients home Accidents on a business site not related to work (on the job injury is Workers Compensation) Payment for personal injury patients may come from […]

How to: New Chiropractic Personal Injury/Automobile Accident Patients

Auto Accident - Maybe you should see a chiropractor?
Should you see a Chiropractor after a Car Accident? No one wakes up thinking – “I want to get into a car accident today”.  Whether it was your fault or not, you should be sure that you seek care for you injuries so that you don’t end up with chronic or permanent […]

Should you see a Chiropractor after a Car Accident?

A Graceful Neck, but susceptible to neck pain from a car accident
Neck Pain After a Car Accident You’re head weighs roughly about as much as a bowling ball and sits on top of a small column of bones.  An intricate and amazing layout of muscles and ligaments keeps your head up and your eyes level with the horizon.  Unfortunately, when another […]

What you Need to Know about Neck Pain after a ...

Car Accidents may lead to back pain
Back Pain after a Car Accident While modern cars are much better at absorbing the impact of a collision than cars from a few decades ago, much of the energy from a car accident is still transferred through the passengers neck, back, and extremities. Even at low speeds, back pain, back […]

The Truth about Back Pain after a Car Accident