Back Pain

What do work, computers, babies, and driving all have in common? . . .They all commonly lead to back pain between the shoulder blades! The original article I posted became quite popular so I decided to make another that included a video of a stretch that has been helping patients […]

Defeat Back Pain Between the Shoulder Blades, Part II

Lumbar Spine Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment
Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Go right to the next heading for degenerative disc disease treatment if you do not want any background information. We have discs between the bones in our spine that act like shock absorbers.  Just like the shock absorbers on our car, these discs wear down with […]

Comprehensive Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment List

McKenzie Extension Lower Back Disc Bulge Treatment
Bulging Disc Treatment Wow!  I can’t believe there is so little information on this out there!  You would think bulging disc treatment was a secret! The truth is that bulging discs are very common and are likely the cause of many episodes of back pain. Why Are Bulging Discs So […]

Secrets of Bulging Disc Treatment

Inversion Table Therapy
Inversion Table Looking for an inversion table? You should know the truth about this therapy before you invest.  An inversion table could help you avoid a costly and potentially dangerous surgery, but you should evaluate the risks and benefits of inversion tables first. Benefits of An Inversion Table Many conditions […]

Looking for an Inversion Table? Read this first!

Back Spasm Treatment Back Spasm and you’re looking for relief?  Well, our backs spasm for many different reasons but there are a few simple back spasm treatments that a doctor might recommend to help ease your pain. Physiotherapy Moist Heat is generally a great back spasm treatment, but should be […]

The Hard to Find Secrets of Back Spasm Treatment

Back Muscle Spasms
Back Muscle Spasms Find out why your back muscle spasms.  This unpleasant experience can be triggered by a sudden movement, poor posture, dehydration, poor diet, etc. Generally occurring when you least suspect it, the best way to get rid of back muscle spasms and keep them from coming back is […]

The Truth About Back Muscle Spasms

Back Pain between Shoulder Blades
Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades Back pain between shoulder blades can come from a few different places.  The first step is step is to identify whether the pain is coming from your muscles, joints, or organs.  Once you know that you can begin healing. [important]This has become a popular topic please […]

The Key to Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Doctor, Osteopath, or Chiropractor
Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, or Chiropractor? I recommend to patients that have neck pain, back pain, etc to always try a conservative approach first.  Doctor prescribed drugs for arthritis pain alone result in approximately 16,500 deaths and 107,000 hospitalizations per year.  Many of these same drugs also speed up […]

Which Would you Choose, Osteopath, Medical Doctor, or a Chiropractor?

Car Accidents may lead to back pain
Back Pain after a Car Accident While modern cars are much better at absorbing the impact of a collision than cars from a few decades ago, much of the energy from a car accident is still transferred through the passengers neck, back, and extremities. Even at low speeds, back pain, back […]

The Truth about Back Pain after a Car Accident