Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
I hear comments such as “Is a chiropractor a doctor?”, “chiropractors aren’t real doctors”, and “chiropractors are quacks” often. Some may be founded in prejudice, old ways of thinking, or perhaps you’re just curious. I hope this article makes clear the many qualifications of chiropractors and you can make your […]

Is a Chiropractor a Doctor?

What do Chiropractors do?
What do Chiropractors do?  They have their stories of subluxation, but there is a more sophisticated explanation nowadays.  Like medical doctors, chiropractors are free to choose how they treat certain conditions. What does a chiropractor do? Chiropractors treat what they like to call a “subluxation”.  The most down to earth […]

What does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractic Health Insurance
Chiropractic Health Insurance There are many benefits to receiving chiropractic care, but insurance is a confusing topic for many of my patients(and me on occasion!). The first things to understand are deductibles, copay’s, and coinsurance.  All of those are money you have to pay in addition to your monthly premiums […]

How Much do you Know about Chiropractic Health Insurance?

Chiropractic Risks Vs Benefits
Chiropractic Benefits & Risks You would like to try chiropractic but you are not sure if it is safe . . . you’ve seen many sites that call what we do quackery and unsafe, proclaiming that we cause strokes, have little to no education, etc.  ALL healthcare providers should inform patients […]

What you didn’t know about Chiropractic Benefits & Risks

Chiropractic for Health
Chiropractic for health is a fantastic concept.  Most chiropractors will look at your health holistically and are happy to entertain any questions you may have. Wellness, as many chiropractors prefer to call Chiropractic for Health, is what many want to achieve, but few want to work for.  Unfortunately, there are many […]

The Secret of Chiropractic for Health