The Secret of Chiropractic for Health

Chiropractic for health is a fantastic concept.  Most chiropractors will look at your health holistically and are happy to entertain any questions you may have.

Wellness, as many chiropractors prefer to call Chiropractic for Health, is what many want to achieve, but few want to work for.  Unfortunately, there are many products, fad diets, and even government agencies that will lead you down a poor path of health.

Money is the common evil for all of these, at the cost of your health.

I heard you have to go to the chiropractor for the rest of your life?

This answer is yes and no.  To begin,  almost no one needs to be seen three times a week for the rest of your life.

A simple case of back pain is usually pain free after 8 visits and the original muscle spasm/fixation gone by 12-20 visits, but for more chronic problems like headaches, pain from a failed back surgery, etc, patients tend to come in on a schedule(1-2/yr, monthly, weekly, etc) to “maintain” their improvement.

The patients that do this tend to not have as many, or as severe, episodes of pain.  In the long run they also generally come in fewer times than the patients that wait until they hurt, they get convenient, consistent access to a doctor, and they lead healthier, happier lives.

Chiropractic for Health

Chiropractic for Health

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Whether you go to your chiropractor occasionally for a little stress relief, consistently to keep your back pain away, or only when you have an accident or injury, most chiropractors are anxious to share their knowledge.

I love when a patient wants to talk about chiropractic for health, nutrition, exercise, sleeping position, pillows, beds, supplements, etc.  I also know the look patients get when you overload them with information.

That is what makes chiropractic such an excellent profession to spread true healthcare, not sickness care.

I can only tell a patient about 2 things to do before they start forgetting, but when they come in on a regular basis, I make sure to check up with them.  If I gave them diet advice on their last visit I follow up when I see them next and give them additional pointers if necessary.

Chiropractic for Health Costs too much?

Does it really?  Chiropractic is covered by most insurance plans these days.  Also, you should weigh the benefit of having someone that can continually guide you on the path to health and wellness, maintain your nervous system communication, and keep your skeleton moving like it should.

A visit that is for wellness is generally around $50.  Lets say you go once a month, and your chiropractor teaches you things you would never think about like sitting at your computer desk properly, diet, exercise, stretching, etc.

Hopefully you follow their advice and you avoid things like heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s, depression, etc.  One knee replacement costs about $20,000.

That is the equivalent of 33 years of chiropractic care and wellness advice without the stress and pain of a bad knee and surgery that may not work out.  Don’t forget about all the supplements, drugs, and injections you’ll probably end up having as a result of just one knee.  Add that all up and you’ve got a lifetime of wellness chiropractic care for the cost of one knee.

Conclusion – One last point . . .

Chiropractic is great for your health in many ways, but don’t forget that you don’t need a referral for a chiropractor from an osteopath or medical doctor.  That means you can ask us about any symptom or complaint you want and we should at the very least be able to point you to the right doctor or perhaps suggest a more holistic treatment.

Believe it or not, I was actually trained in breast and prostate exams, pap smears, and phlebotomy.  I might use the phlebotomy one day . . .  here is Aetna’s article about chiropractic, which is pretty standard for the private insurance industry.

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