Chiropractic Office Policies & Procedures

These are the policies and procedures for our chiropractic practice located in Fort Pierce, FL. [warning] Always have your policies and procedures reviewed by your lawyer before implementing anything as rules may vary by state.[/warning]

I hope that these may save chiropractors and medical doctors time in dealing with things like compliance and patient privacy.

Because this chiropractic office procedures manual outlines every detail for the efficient operation of our practice, it is very large.  Since it is so large, it has been divided into pages you can access with the links below.

Chiropractic Office Policies & Procedures

Introduction to Chiropractic for New Employees

Telephone Technique & Frequently asked Questions

     Scheduling a new patient

     How much does it cost?

     Do you take my insurance?

     Are you in-network with . . . ?, etc

Financial Hardship

     Financial Hardship Application

Collection of Daily Charges and Payments



     Payment Log

     Workers Compensation


     Personal Injury

     Group Health Insurance

     Determining Primary Coverage



     Job Descriptions

          Employer DC

          Associate DC

          Office Manager/Billing Coordinator

          Chiropractic Assistant (CA)



     Development & Goals

Therapy (Adjunctive Procedures)

     New Employee Therapy Training Checklist


     Moist Heat

     Graston or Soft Tissue Mobilization

     Muscle Stimulation



     Chiropractic Software (ACOM Health)

     Chiropractic Tables

     Exercise & Therapy

     Office/Medical Supplies and preferred retailers

     Major Holiday Décor

New Patients

     Insurance Patient

     New Medicare Patient Protocol

     New Cash/Uninsured/Underinsured/Limited Benefits Patient

     New High Deductible or Deductible not Met Patient

     New Personal Injury Patient Protocol

     New Workers Compensation Patient Protocol

     New HSA or other Health Savings account patient

Treatment Plan

     Recommended Level of Care

     Specific Treatment Goals

     Objective Measures to Evaluate Treatment Effectiveness



Routine Visit Documentation

     SOAP Notes

     Complicating Factors

     C.P.T. Coding and Billing

     ICD9/10 Coding

HIPAA Compliance Plan


     Risk Analysis


Office Compliance Plan

     Fraud & Abuse Laws

     OIG Compliance Plan

Doctors Information section (Self Explanatory, search google if you really want to see mine)

Practice Forms(& Originals)


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