Find the Lowest Priced Chiropractic Supplies

Chiropractic Supplies

Finding supplies for a consistently cheap price is time consuming for even small chiropractic practices.  In fact, I have seen people on linkedIn that make a living giving away this information.

I run my office day in and day out and I’ll list the best sites I’ve found to buy chiropractic supplies from.  Be sure to at least check out the free marketing chiropractic supplies information.

Most of the chiropractic supply links below are your garden variety links, but the amazon links are affiliate links.  This means that I earn a little money if you use the link and make a purchase within 24 hours.  Those links and the advertisements on this page keep this website running.

Office Chiropractic Supplies

Chiropractic Supplies

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Paper –  Shipping kills this deal when compared to a trip to your local superstore.  Trust your staff with your credit card or buy from the cheapest seller on amazon. GP Copy & Print Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inches Letter Size, 92 Bright White, 20 Lb, 5 Reams/Carton (2500 Sheets) (998068C)

File Folders, etc –  Go with MedicalArtsPress, they are a special division of Staples and are very good at specialty health care needs like chiropractic supplies.

Toner, Ink –  Best price is usually from Amazon Ink and Toner, but you might find a sale at Newegg.

Disinfectants & Cleaners – Another chiropractic office supply that is probably cheaper to buy locally, but it may be easier to not leave the office.  Specialty chiropractic sites seem to have trouble keeping these at a low price.  Here is a good start for keeping your tables clean: Metrex CaviWipes Disinfecting Towelettes, Canister of 160 wipes

Treatment Chiropractic Supplies

Table facepaper –  One of the most important and most used of all chiropractic supplies.  The specialty sites are where to go for this.  Try ScripHessco(be sure to pick up their catalog for the source code) or MedicalArtsPress(Coupons expire, but they always have one).

Ultrasound Gel – Look for generic versions at the sites above.

Muscle Stim Pads – Same as face paper, ultrasound gel, and similar chiropractic supplies.

Biofreeze –  Occasionally, sites like ScripHessco will have a sale on Biofreeze, BUT the deal is usually killed by shipping and tax. Biofreeze prices fluctuate a lot, but usually stay low on Amazon. Here is a start: Biofreeze 3 Oz. Roll-on – Box of 12

Ice Packs –  CoreProducts has great ice packs.  You can get free shipping with the code FREESHIP.  The price on their website was cheaper than Amazon a few months ago.  Last time we bought from MedicalArtsPress because they were a little bit cheaper.  Patients love to buy these, but you can always go for a cheap generic brand for cheap.

Chiropractic Marketing Supplies – Patient Giveaways

T-shirts – You can give them away with your first visit or have your office staff wear them to work.  Check MedicalArtsPress for chiropratic related ones.  Amazon is expensive for personalized items.  Zazzle also makes T-shirts.  Consider a polo for something your patients might really wear.

Magnets, bags, and other patient giveaways – MedicalArtsPress has the best selection of personalized chiropractic supplies I’ve seen.  Other chiropractic specific sites mentioned above have good stuff too.

Pens – Personalized with your Practice name.  Ranging from very expensive to very cheap, I suggest choosing a $1.50-$3.00 pen.  Use them in your practice and hand them out to patients.  MedicalArtsPress has a good selection in their catalog.  Ask for some free samples.

Brochures & Business Cards – Don’t get caught without these chiropractic supplies!  Zazzle, Vistaprint, and Moo have good selections.  Occasionally they have a deals, but the style is more important here than lowest price.  Look for about $20 per 100 cards as a deal.  More cards ordered equals less price, but don’t get stuck with a poor design.

Free Marketing Chiropractic Supplies

Standard Process – Brochures, sticky notes, acrylic display stands, posters, children’s coloring books, window clings, and other chiropractic supplies — FOR FREE(mostly)!  New chiropractic graduates may be able to pay $99 for full sized samples of some of their best products such as their 21 day purification program, which alone is worth more than double that cost.

Biofreeze – Free Samples, displays, decals, and dvds with your practice name and phone number!  Build Your Practice

BioPosture – If you sign up as a distributor you can get some free acrylic stands and marketing materials.  You can also get one of their beds for 50% off!

MedicalArtsPress – You can get free samples of patient marketing materials and certain other chiropractic supplies.


Do you know of a better deal, let me know and I’ll be sure to include it!

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