External Marketing for a Chiropractic Practice

Here is an endless list of External Marketing Ideas for your Chiropractic or Medical Practice!  Leave a comment below and if it is a great idea I will add it to the list to benefit everyone!

External Marketing is about attracting new or previous patients into your practice.

External Marketing for Chiropractors

  • Be consistent – In all of your External Marketing, be consistent.  Are you the chiropractor with the funny logo? Are you the chiropractor that specializes in pregnant women and children?  Be specfic and consistent.  It will be hard enough to get the general public to notice you.  Don’t make it harder on yourself
  • Health Fairs!  –  WooHoo.  Forget spinal screenings.  I wouldn’t trust any doctor performing test’s in a mall.  Health Fairs paint a portrait of professionalism and interdisciplinary cooperation.  Not only will you meet people who are interested in Health, but you will be able to network with local professionals as well.  Buy a large poster with your name and logo and have plenty of freebies and pamphlets to hand out.  If you can offer spinal screenings or massage — go for it.
  • Billboards – Expensive!  About $1000 a month.  You would need two patients per month just to cover the cost of this
  • Website & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – If you can’t do this yourself you should find someone that can help you.  Most companies are happy to help you set up a website.  Phone books are dead to most of us.  I search for everything online and I read reviews if available.  Make sure you have a website with UNIQUE content that ranks well for your area.  (Don’t fall for the SEO companies that call and tell you that you don’t come up when they type chiropractor into google –Searches are localized, if the caller is in California and your practice is in Florida, of course it won’t show up!!)  Websites cost about $80 a month and Search engine optimization can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  If that is outside your budget, get reviews (below), or build your own site (less than $10 a month, just like this one).
  • Reviews –  A cheap and easy way to climb up to the number one spot of google.  Get your patients, family, whoever to write reviews for you.  Make it natural looking of course, if you have 20 reviews over 12 months looks better than 20 reviews in 2 days.  Oh and by the way, google tracks ip addresses and will know if you are cheating the system.  Don’t write your own reviews.
  • Direct Mail –  A somewhat cheap method of targeting your area neighborhoods.  You have a direct mail piece printed up (there are specific requirements, contact your post office for help) and then you pay for the postage to have it delivered to every door on the mail carriers route.  You can choose the routes you want to target.  The cost is 14.7 cents per piece plus printing costs, which are not too high.  Each route has about 300-500 addresses.  For around $1000 you could send the piece to every house in your circle of practice.  Big tip here!  Find out what days people recieve their junk mail and DON’T mail on those days!!!  You want the mail to be looked at not trashed.  You can also pay for targeted lists of addresses but you will have to pay regular postage price and pay for the list.
  • Professional Speaking –  A brilliant way to get your name out there and establish authority for your name.  You will probably convert atleast 10% of the audience to your practice and there will be many people that now know you and what you are about.  That is more than they know about the chiropractor down the street from you!  I don’t charge for speaking and I make whatever presentation the audience would be interested in.  You can speak for companies, homeowners associations, gyms, etc.  You have a wide base of knowledge, share it and be rewarded!
  • Radio & Television –  Very expensive external marketing and gone in a matter of seconds.  If you are going to pursue this route, make it epic.
  • Social Media – In addition to your website, create profiles for your business on Facebook and Google+.  Be a part of as many communities as you can manage like Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn.  Have contests and drawings and share *GOOD RELEVENT INFORMATION* with your friends.  Please don’t spam us.
  • Freebies – Magnets, pens, squishie toys, pamphlets, shirts, etc, etc.  Put your name on it and give it away.  Every person wearing your shirt will be like a walking billboard!  Magnets could end up on a fridge and remind patients to come in . . .
  • Networking– Perhaps the best external marketing for chiropractors  There are networking groups available like the chamber of commerce.  You could get involved with your church or become a high
    Sponser a Run/Walk as an External Marketing Tool!

    Photo used under Creative Commons from Adelphi Lab Center

    school football coach.   You could walk around to local businesses and hand out business cards.  You could invite lawyers or doctors to lunch.  Whatever you do, get out and become involved in your community!

  • Sponsor a Scholarship – At your local community college.
  • Press Releases –  Most newspapers will do a free new business posting.  Take advantage of it!  If you are hosting a free talk in your office, why not release a press release?  Newspaper editors need good content to fill their papers with and a free health event is something that will interest their readers!
  • Yellow Pages, Phone Books – These are a real scam around my area.  Many of the local communites in my area have their own “Directories” .  It is $147 a year to be in these directories.  The yellowpages is over $600 a year.  These directories are what community members look in first if they don’t use the internet.
  • Niche Marketing – Golf cards? Sponsoring a stadium for an advertisement banner? Doing talks at a birthing center???
  • Offering discounts for Military members, etc -Work with neighborhood businesses.  In exchange for allowing you to advertise you may indiscriminately give anyone with a membership to a certain gym, 10% off services.  (Check over the legality of this with your lawyer)
  • Roadside Sign’s & signholders – In my area I wouldn’t do much more than a sign you can put in the ground and remove later.  People aren’t going to want to come to a chiropractor because someone is shaking a sign at them.  Still, not a bad idea if you are just off of a main road, but are difficult to see.


External marketing for a chiropractic practice can be expensive.  The worst part is that any of these might not work for your practice or your area.  Feel out a certain marketing tactic by doing a small sample and tracking it first.

Have you tried any External Marketing not mentioned here?

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