Hiring Staff for your Chiropractic or Medical Office

It is possible to run an entire practice by yourself, but it is absolutely not recommended.  You will probably want to hire someone atleast part time to handle your billing and receptionist duties.

What staff do you need?

Sit down and write down each position (Receptionist, Doctor, Associate Doctor, Massage Therapist, Chiropractic Assistant, etc).

Once you have the positions down you will need to decided what the job responsibilities and duties will be.  Be as specific as possible so there is no confusion in the future.  I have attached the job descriptions I made during my chiropractic startup.

Even if you don’t need the staff now, it will be easier for you to write additional job descriptions now rather than later.

How much should you pay your staff?

How to hire staff for your medical or chiropractic office

Photo used under Creative Commons from Dita Margarita

As the owner of the business, as little as possible.  BUT, good employees deserve good pay.  I heard a statistic before that approximately 1 in 3 employees will be “Keepers”.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, but there are certainly those that will work hard for you and those who will do the minimum.

Most Assistants are paid on the low end of minimum wage to $15 per hour and most employees that have been with you for a long time or have specialized knowledge (coding!) are paid more on the high end around $15/hour.

Associate doctors should earn around $60,000 a year starting out with no experience.  Owners earn an average of around $120,000 a year.  This amount is probably shrinking lately, but should remain relatively stable for an established practice.

When planning salaries, plan to spend about 120% of the intended salary to cover additional expenses like taxes.

Advertise & Interview your Potential Staff

Advertise online, locally in classifieds, or in the windows of local businesses.  It is often easy to find a few people to give an interview to.  Ask them to submit a resume.  You are not allow to ask certain questions such as age, disability, etc.  There are ways around these questions but you really should not discriminate.

If you do have an application form.  Have it looked over by your lawyer to ensure it doesnt break any hiring laws.

When you have narrowed the resumes down to a few applicants call them to schedule interviews.  Ask them questions, see what they want to do with their life, what they want to do for your practice, how much they want to ear, etc.  You can find some good interview questions with a quick google search.


This will vary by state and I don’t even guarentee it is correct for Florida.  Check with you team or call around.

Before hiring, you will need your EIN, obtain workers compensation insurance(We were exempt in Florida with less than 4 employees), and post required employee posters.

After hiring, the employee will need to fill out a W-4 and I-9 Form and many states require that you report any new hires.  For Florida, you can do so via a web portal here.


Hiring employees is a big step and a big responsibility.  That person is counting on you for a paycheck to only promise what you can deliver.  However, having someone else to do the busy work can get you out into the community meeting more potential patients!

Who have you hired that you would like to brag about?

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