Internal Marketing for a Chiropractic Practice

Here is an endless list of Internal Marketing Ideas for your Chiropractic or Medical Practice!  Leave a comment below and if it is a great idea I will add it to the list to benefit everyone!

Internal Marketing is all about generating referrals from and increasing retention of your current patient base.

Internal Marketing for Chiropractors

  • Find out what your patients want! – Seriously, ask them why they are in your office during the initial exam, it might for a reason that suprises you.
  • Give the patient options – Explain why you are recommending the care you are and have them decide what type of care they want.
  • Choose an event to celebrate– Each month has several odd celebrations, anniversaries, holidays, and more going on that go unnoticed.  Look up some of those events and make a big deal about them.  For
    Internal Marketing for Your Chiropractic Practice

    Photo used under Creative Commons from Aidan Jones

    example, if the day is about pets, have patients bring pictures of pets or bring their pets to the parking lot.  For holiday’s like valentines day, have a jar of chocolate and make patients guess the number.  Give the jar away to the patient that gets the closest to the correct number.

  • Make a handout – Give out a handout with information about your practice, an inspiration quote, something patients wouldn’t know about chiropractic, and maybe throw in a coupon.  Change the handout every few weeks.  Patients may learn something new or have a friend that could use the coupon!
  • Business Cards – Ask your patients to take your business cards and distribute them.  Tried and tested.
  • Birthday Cards, Missing You Cards – Send patients birthday cards or cards when they haven’t been in for a period of time.
  • Freebies – Allow patients to have items like shirts, bags, pens, pencils, and squishy toys with your practice name on them.  These are great for external marketing events too.
  • DVD’s in the Reception Room – You can use the time patients wait to educate them about some of the things they may not know chiropractic can help.  Our DVD is actually a compilation of a few marketing blips, a personal talk from my wife and I, and educational slides.
  • Other Reception Area Content – Forget Magazines!  Give patients a binder full of research and highlight sentences you found interesting.  Leave out a high level book like Differential Diagnosis and Management for Chiropractors or some other Physician Reference.  Patients love to feel like they have something they shouldn’t.
  • Use Your Walls – Posters and everything patients see in your office should be leading them to one thought.  Chiropractic is great for me, I wonder if it would help . . . “
  • Practice Name & Logo on all Communications – Letterhead, envelopes, checks, pens, etc.
  • Ask for reviews – This bridges on External marketing, but you are asking for it from your current patients.  Ask your current patients to write reviews for you and your practice.  Google holds a lions share of the market so focus on them and don’t worry about things like Angie’s List.  Ask for patients email addresses.  If after a few visits you believe they are pleased with your practice, invite them to write a review about you on google.  It will be easy for them because they already have a google account.  This will help your website rank much more than a fancy expensive website.


Keep your practice energy high.  Patients will want to stay when they feel like they are part of something (they especially like to be part of something new, like the new business you are starting!).  Get them involved!  Get them educated!

Do you use any internal marketing I forgot to mention?

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