Medical and Chiropractic Office Signage & Logos

This is the first impression your practice will make on the outside world and you want to send a consistent and strong message.

As you will learn with marketing, you need to have a consistent and positive image to remain in peoples minds.  The more they see your message the more likely they will remember you in their time of need

Clinic Sign

Everyone wants channel letters that light up beautiful colors at night, but if you are on a road with low night traffic, why spend the extra money and electricity.  Evaluate if you really need such an expensive sign.

A channel letter sign that says “Chiropractor” and lights up will cost between $3500 and $4500 installed.  That is a hefty investment for a brand new business.  If possible, consider solid letters that don’t light up or buying a used sign.

Clinic Practice Sign - Try to be unique

Photo used under Creative Commons from hawleyjr

Choose one or two primary colors that match your practic logo for the sign.  If possible try to stand out from the other signs in your complex.  Many leases prohibit this, but if you have one of those leases, your type of sign is likely very limited.

Don’t forget to have quotes done from many different companies.  LED lighting is more efficient than the gas tubes.  The initial cost should be about the same, however, I made another mistake with my sign company and made a deposit before details like that were worked out.  Thus, I was stuck with old style flourescent tubes.

If you are handy you may consider buying a used sign.  It will likely be more generic than best, but it could save a lot of money.

Door Signs

Part of your consistent marketing message should be font.  Garamond is a good medical font because it looks professional and elegant.  Choose a font and stick to it.  In this case, stick it to your window panes and doors.

You can pay someone to put vinyl lettering on your windows and doors or if you are very bold you can design it yourself and have it shipped for you to apply.

I actually paid someone to do this for our office and it was reasonably priced.  $100 got the practice name, doctors names, and phone number in big bold letters on the top of our door.

In the future I want to have our main services placed in large letters across an adjacent window pane.

The other object in our door is an Hours Sign.

Chiropractic Office Logo

Visit a few chiropractic office websites and save logos you like.  Take your mission statement along with these logos to  For $99 you can get a custom logo that can be solely your businesses.

Another option would be to go to a site like and purchase a Vector image file(so that you can scale it to whatever size you like) and use that as your logo.  The downside is that other businesses may also purchase the logo and use it in marketing materials, etc.  The upside is that you will only have to spend around $10

Your logo will on every piece of marketing you send out, on your front door, or your letterhead, on your envelopes, and more.  Short story, just find one you like and stick to it.


I bet you never thought signage would be this important . . . or expensive.  Just remember, it is good to catch peoples eyes with a postive, reinforcing image, especially when you can do it repeatedly.  Eventually you add a call to action and patients will be

knocking down your doors to see you.

What type of things do you advertise on your front signage?


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