Start your own Chiropractic or Medical Practice!

The steps to open and start your own chiropractic or medical business are many.  In the past year I have made plenty of my own mistakes.  I am frequently asked questions about how I did this or that and I would like to detail out the process here.

Practicing any form of chiropractic or medicine is stressful these days with insurance companies refusing to pay and patients that can’t pay.  Use these plans to help guide you.

It doesn’t take much money to start a practice.  In my case, I opened with $20,000 and I spent money on plenty of unnecessary things.  Of course, it took time to realize what I needed and didn’t need.  Fortunately for you, I will be including lots of personal examples of what I have used, not used, and couldn’t live without.

Use the links below and Good Luck!  Bueno Suerte!

Step 1:  What kind of Chiropractic Practice do you want?

Multidisciplinary – Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists

Independent Contractor

Employee or Associate Doctor

Buy an existing practice

Step 2:  Where do you want to locate you Chiropractic Office?

Competition, Complimentary Services, and your Unique Selling Proposition

Community, Traffic, and your Medical or Chiropractic Office

Negotiating the Medical lease

Start out your chiropractic or multidisciplinary medical practice today!

Photo used under Creative Commons from tedeytan

Step 3:  Where’s the Money???

Managing your Day to Day Finances


Business Loans, Leasing, & Financing

Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, & EIN

Business Plan

Step 4:  Protect yourself and your Practice

Forming/Incorporating your Business

Key Professionals in your Business Team

Step 5:  Buying Chiropractic Equipment for your Office

Table, Medical, and Therapy Equipment

Monthly Utilities and Office Equipment

Office Signage & Logos

Reception Room & Office Decorations

Patient Records & Practice Management – Electronic or Paper?

Step 6:  Joining Networks and Finding Patients

Should you be in or out of network?

How to get in network with insurance plans

Step 7:  Find some Help – Chiropractic Assistants

Hiring Staff & Assistants

Step 8:  Specific, Consistent Marketing!

Internal Marketing

External Marketing

Step 9:  Map out every Daily operation with Chiropractic Office Policies & Procedures

Office Procedures Manual (has its own page of links)


I hope that this guide can help you start a new chiropractic office when you have little knowledge of how to do so.  I also hope that for the experienced chiropractors you might learn a thing or two about compliance, marketing, or something else!

How has this guide helped you?


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